Engaging Employees in Social Impact

More and more companies are discovering that corporate volunteering, it’s good for business.

According to a 2021 Australian study, 79% reported improvements to their sense of mission at work – and 68% reported greater motivation at work. 84% reported a significant increase in motivation in day-to-day life, outside of work.

Employers and their HR & CSR managers play an essential role in providing opportunities for their teams. Volunteering should be part of regular conversations, within training and inductions, and role-modelled by executives.

Volunteering fosters greater employee engagement, attracts and retains talent, and creates wider social impact.

How can we help?

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Reduce the time and resources needed to manage volunteers and record their impact.

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Reignite activities post-covid with our programmatic and technological solutions.

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Demonstrate the social return on investment through automated reporting.

Our Programs

With a blend of technological and programmatic solutions, we’ll find the combination that suits your organisation.

Learning & Development
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Virtual & skilled volunteering on the Communiteer platform with over 500+ NFP organisations.

Employees have their choice of opportunities that suit their skills, time commitment, and the causes they are passionate about. With regular reports of activity.

Virtual Hackathons
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Tackle an NFP challenge in small groups over a 1-2 day period, all online.

Provide a unique experience with a high level of engagement, interactiveness and creativity for small or large teams.

Pathway to Employment
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Empower the next generation of leaders in a 10-week program pairing with a university student, partnered with AVI.

Build their professional and interpersonal skills, while embedding leadership and intrapreneurship in your teams.

Team Building
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Activate your corporate community with Team Building with Purpose. Including face-to-face and online volunteering activities for corporate teams.

Build connections outside of daily tasks and increase social cohesion.

Getting Started

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1. Tell your Story

Via consultation and our Community Engagement Assessment, fill us in on your social pillars, CSR mantra, current programs & sustainability initatives.

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2. Set expectations

Identify your participation targets and reporting requirements, now and in the future.

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3. Pick your programs

Select the campaigns, programs and add-ons to create the ideal volunteering experience.

Pricing & Services

  • Enterprise
  • $30,000+GST
    • Programs: 2 concurrent
    • Reporting: SDGs & Benchmarking
    • Incl. 600 volunteering hours
    • Renewal: $18,000/year

  • Community Engagement Assessment

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