Corporate Volunteering Platform

Engaging Employees in Social Impact

More and more companies are discovering that when they introduce a corporate volunteering platform with their corporate giving plan, it’s good for their business.

The Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) found that 93% of employees who volunteer through their company report being happy with their employer, and 54% of those who are proud of their company’s contributions to society are engaged at work. This is compared to an average engagement rate of 15% across the board.

Communiteer connects, engages and mobilises volunteers to tackle the world’s greatest challenges through corporate volunteering.

That’s why we are the social good network.

How can we help?

Simple tracking & reporting against the SDGs

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Record all outcomes via our platform and receive reports of your team’s contributions, tracking against the SDGs.

Access to a range of volunteering opportunities

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Connect us with your existing community partners to bring their volunteering opportunities and access our existing community.

Convenient & different ways to participate

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Invite your staff to collaborate on varying types of opportunities, read inspiring stories and converse about social good.

How does it work?

With the support of our dedicated team and custom-built corporate volunteering platform, we’ve made volunteering simple.

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1. Information

Research and information gathering about your CSR mantra, corporate giving programs & sustainability PR activities.

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2. Consultation

Community Engagement Assessment to gauge your organisation’s performance, understand your pain points and align your objectives.

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3. Recommendation

Recommendations and an implementation plan based on our expertise and experience in corporate volunteering.

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4. Implementation

Co-deliver a pilot program to collect insights and refine our strategy before launching to the wider cohort.

Fill in our Community Engagement Assessment and we’ll see which plan is right for you!

  • Basic
  • $4,500+GST
    • Incl. 300 volunteering hours
    • Gain employee access to our platform community, existing NFPs and their volunteering opportunities.
    • Implementation: 2 weeks
    • Renewal: $1,000/year

  • Community Engagement Assessment
  • Premiere
  • $15,000+GST
    • Incl. 300 volunteering hours
    • Receive guided support to onboard your NFP partners and resources for employee recruitment.
    • Implementation: 1 month
    • Renewal: $6,000/year

  • Community Engagement Assessment
  • Enterprise
  • $30,000+GST
    • Incl. 600 volunteering hours
    • Co-design a program with a customised communication plan and in-depth impact reporting.
    • Implementation: 2 months
    • Renewal: $12,000/year

  • Community Engagement Assessment

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Flexibility in your corporate volunteering platform!

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Project-based Volunteering 

A scope of work that can be completed with a flexible schedule based on a clear brief. This is ideal for output-focused tasks and is often dependent on a set of professional skills.

find volunteers role-based volunteering online
Role-based Volunteering

An ongoing role with set hours and responsibilities to be filled with volunteer capacity and skillsets. This is ideal for outcome-focused initiatives and often includes some training and induction prior.

What is Holistic Giving?

There are many ways to create meaningful change in the world, whether that be donating money, belongings, or time.

Communiteer’s vision is to use technology as a force for good to create a more equitable, humane and prosperous society. To fulfil this vision, we’re building delivery partnerships with other social enterprises and not-for-profits changing the world in their own way create a holistic giving experience.

Workplace Giving

As donation and volunteerism go hand in hand, Communiteer has been working in partnership with Good2Give, Australia’s largest workplace giving platform. Our integrated solution that will allow corporate staff to contribute their money, skills or time to charities all in one place!

The plans on offer are in conjunction with a Good2Give Workplace Giving membership.

Event-Based Volunteering
hackathons international corporate volunteering

Hackathons International and Communiteer are combining the scalability of tech solutions with the speed and outcome-driven event format.

Online hackathons are the new ‘volunteer days’ for corporates organisations, providing a unique experience with a high level of engagement, interactiveness and creativity for small or large teams.

Place-Based Volunteering
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Team building activities allow colleagues to connect and bond outside of their day-to-day tasks, which is even more enjoyable and meaningful when it’s for a higher purpose of helping a charity.

That is why we’ve partnered with Mobilize – Team Building with Purpose. They have taken team building activities face-to-face and online to a whole new level.

Join other corporates making a difference!

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    Leigh Simmonds
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    Dan Poole
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    Rebecca Archer

The truth is that we’ve been building our platform to support a community like IMPACT2030 for years: A group of members organisations that can mobilise corporate volunteers at scale to contribute towards the UN SDGs.

We were part of the initial meeting to facilitate IMPACT2030 down under, and we’ve been an engaged member since.

Whilst the pandemic has certainly made it more challenging to re-establish communication lines and to get people to stay focused on these 17 Global Goals, we are excited to announce that the IMPACT2030 initiative, powered by Communiteer, will be relaunched in Australia in 2021.

Join us to see how we can grow this community together, coordinate regular activities between members systematically, and measure the impact that’s been created over time towards the Global Goals.

Learn more here!

Resources & Case Studies

Previous skill-based volunteering projects and corporate volunteering events co-facilitated by Communiteer and Humanity in Business.

Read about these outcomes below.

Large Multinational Bank

One of our L&D service offerings are customer-centric leadership programs, delivered to large corporates as a low-risk environment for staff to learn and develop their skills by applying them to strategic business challenges faced by charities. In turn, these consultations give charities executable business plans with new diversified income streams for healthier business sustainability.

Download PDF

Volunteering Australia and DMG

Completion of skill-based volunteering projects on our platform is our bread and butter. After a decade of brand transformations, Volunteering Australia wanted to recognise volunteers with a more enduring brand. This challenge required volunteers to rethink the brand strategy and provide a compelling design for marketing collateral.

Download PDF

PMI Sydney and IIBA Australia

One of our CSR service offerings are employee volunteering events, including 1-day skill-based volunteering (a.k.a hackathons). When employees want to make the most impact possible within 1 day of volunteer leave, using their professional skills to help charities with their project management and business analysis challenges.

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Bauer and Slingshot Media

Skill-based volunteering events are great Business Development opportunities. Marketing professionals showing off their expertise and skills to deliver much-needed skills to charities contributing to SDGs 5 and 10.