Volunteering Survey

Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIOs)

 We appreciate your time in participating in this survey!

Our aim is to better understand the evolving needs of the Community Sector, especially in the recruitment, engagement and collaboration of volunteers.

Over the last couple of years, Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIOs) overall have experienced greater demand, however, they have been met with fewer resources and support. As a network of cross-sector stakeholders, we understand the vital role VIOs are playing in bridging the gaps between people in need, resources and the sectors willing to help.

Everyone at some point in their life will experience the generous spirit of a VIO, whether that’s as a beneficiary, a staff member or a volunteer. Let us know a little bit more about you and your organisation so that we can build the capacity of the Community Sector together.

All submissions will remain anonymous when we report and share findings. There are three sections in this survey which will take around 15 minutes.


Kind regards,

Victor Lee

CEO & Co-founder

Raj Rajendra

Sector Development Manager, VIOs

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