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Why should NFPs use Communiteer?

Communiteer provides a home for volunteer organisations to connect with passionate volunteers in.

We help you develop deeper engagement with your supporters by converting their transactional activities into transformational experiences.

Communiteer takes a holistic approach and guides changemakers on a journey to build ‘a habit of giving’. Starting with transactional activities such as reading stories, participating in discussions and making donations, these activities will raise their awareness on social issues and allow them to find other like-minded individuals to cultivate their curiosity.


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Pricing & Services

We offer a range of services to suit the needs of your organisation.

  • $FREEper month
    • Post your volunteering projects
    • Promote your events
    • Collaborate with volunteers

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  • $20per community per month
    • Extend your reach
    • Grow your supporter base
    • Build your own online community

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  • $200per month
    • Let us help you build engagement
    • Access direct support and expertise
    • Participate in corporate events

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Building A Social Good Network

Volunteering activities in the form of events, skill-based projects and board appointments are readily available as and when they are ready to commit more of their time and/or resources.

The recurrence of these activities, combined with the flexibility we provide changemakers to do ‘as much or as little as they can afford’, will lead to deeper user engagement and facilitate long-term social impact.

That is why the key to long-term social participation is through building deeper engagement, and we must find new ways that match the changing lifestyles of each demographic.



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Believe in our mission, like so many other Not-For-Profits have on our platform.

Become part of a social good network, by collaborating with corporates, social ventures and individuals.

Resources & Case Studies

Volunteering Australia and DMG

After a decade of brand transformations, Volunteering Australia wanted to recognise volunteers with a more enduring brand. This challenge required volunteers to rethink the brand strategy and provide a compelling design for the logo and marketing collateral.


The Red Cross Member Network

Despite generalisations about technology being a barrier for this cohort, there is strong evidence indicating the willingness of Red Cross members to engage with our digital platform. The Red Cross community provides a space to exchange experiences and knowledge, access support from other branch members and represent their branch as part of the Member network.


Corporate Bank and Humanity in Business

Coming soon