Student Volunteering

Education today for change tomorrow

Communiteer is partnering with AVI (Australian Volunteers International) to unite student volunteering and mentoring.

The pathway to employment for university students has never been more uncertain or competitive. Students need connections and guidance to broaden their horizons and tackle real challenges outside the classroom.

But above all, they want a career with purpose.

Combine learning outcomes with making a difference in the world.


skill development


Boost employability scores by building your students’ confidence and skills.



Increase student interaction and engagement with customised programs.

social impact


Create meaningful impact in communities and build awareness of social issues.

Our Support

We use student volunteering as a vehicle to make meaningful individual, university and societal change.

We empower students to find their purpose, while at the same time developing skills aligned to learning outcomes, making professional connections and developing their social CV.

Through our expert consultation and advisory process, we craft the ideal solution to create greater social engagement and return on investment.

Alongside our solution, we put your program in the best position for success with:

Expert Consultation

Volunteer Engagement

Detailed impact reporting

Our Technology

We unite leading strategies in volunteer engagement and the technology to scale and amplify impact. Our platform seeks to address many of the key challenges in student volunteering, reducing the cost and administration of community participation.

  Easier coordination of opportunities

Students take the lead in finding student volunteering opportunities that suit learning outcomes, skills and passions.

  Defined and achievable scope

Students connect with NFP admins to define scope, commitment and expectations; inline with subject requirements.

  Detailed tracking & reporting

Know what your students are up to, their participation and their impact for social causes.

Our Programs

Our programs create holistic student volunteering experiences to find their pathway to employment and contribute to global goals.

Global Citizenship

Brings awareness to causes that impact diverse and complex areas of our global society. Build ethical decision-making, community connection and global knowledge.

Social & Sustainable Procurement

Why To educate & motivate sustainable decision-making
Impact Raising awareness to shape a sustainable future
Collaborators Procurement Australia, relevant NFPs, Sustainability & Procurement Teams
Best for Penultimate/Final Year Students
When 16 weeks coordination, 8 weeks delivery



Workshops & content from NFP experts


Monthly challenges & activities


Volunteering projects, roles & events

Strength in Diversity

Why To educate & motivate inclusive decision-making
Impact Raising awareness to shape a diverse & inclusive future
Collaborators Student Support, relevant NFPs
Best for Penultimate/Final Year Students
When 16 weeks coordination, 8 weeks delivery



Workshops & content from NFP Experts


Monthly challenges & activities


Volunteering projects, roles & events

Career Accelerator

Brings theory into real world challenges as students engage professionally in the community. Build technical, interpersonal and leadership skills; and encourage community participation.

Pathway to Employment

Delivered with

Why Increasing employability with connections, career guidance and skill applications
Impact Broadening perspectives, increasing social cohesion
Collaborators AVI, Careers, Alumni Engagement, Corporates
Best for Penultimate/Final Year Students
When 21 weeks coordination, 16 weeks delivery



Workshop, induction & content with AVI


Mentoring with corporate volunteers


Mentor support with skilled volunteering

Cultural Immersion


Delivered with

Why Build student social capital with cultural exchange
Impact Accelerating growth in new environments
Collaborators AVI, Student Support, NFPs, Corporates
Best for 1st/2nd Year Students, International, CALD, relocating students
When 20 weeks coordination, 8 weeks delivery



Workshops & content from local NFPs


Local mentors/ buddies with CALD experience


Mentor/buddy support  with volunteering

Community Engagement


Why Socially responsible networking
Impact Cultivating global citizens
Collaborators Local NFPs, Arts & Social Faculties, Student Careers & Engagement
Best for 1st/2nd Year Students, not local
When 20 weeks coordination, 8 weeks delivery



Workshops & content from local NFPs


Local community mentors/buddies


Mentor/buddy support  with volunteering


Why Serving the community with creativity, skills and teamwork
Impact Tackling NFP challenges to scale impact
Collaborators WIL, NFP partners
Best for Students looking to use skills for good and to build demonstratable experience
When 10 weeks in coordination, 6 weeks in delivery



Building social awareness on NFP challenges


Meet & collaborate with other students


Initial hack event & ongoing volunteering

Our Value

Communiteer provides 3 different levels of packages for student volunteering based on desired engagement and number of programs. Additional programs and participation are available to add-on as necessary.

All plans include the first year, implementation and full access to the Communiteer platform.

Our University Network

I trust Communiteer. We trust Communiteer will do the right thing to find and facilitate impactful opportunities that students can take up and experience because I can see the NFP sector having that trust in what you guys do.

Alex Connor

Centre for Social Justice & Inclusion, UTS

Being successful in the workplace isn’t just about technical knowledge. You need practical skills, transferable skills. Understanding what it means to be ready and what it takes to be successful in the workplace.

Anthony Kadi

Director of Professional Practice in the Faculty of Engineering, USYD

We’ve received brilliant feedback from the mentors and mentees who’ve found value in the conversations and the relationships that have developed over the program. There’s an exceptional generation of highly talented young people about to enter the workforce.

Jamie Nicholson

Corporate Affairs Manager & Mentor, Roche

Harrison Adkin

Student Mentee, University of Sydney