University Volunteer Program

What are the challenges facing universities?

The pathway to employment for university students has never been more uncertain or competitive.

Students need access to connections, guidance and opportunities to broaden their horizons and tackle real challenges outside the classroom.

Communiteer is bringing skill-based volunteering and mentoring together to create a guided experience for students preparing for their transition into the workforce.

This program will empower students to develop their technical and transferable skills, establish their professional network and build their awareness of the social and economical challenges that will form the foundations of their careers.

How we help?

Boost employability scores by building your students’ confidence and experience.

Improve course relevance through opportunities that align with learning outcomes

Align activities with purpose, connect with your student values and build communities.

Our Services

1. Mentoring

Students will be matched with a corporate volunteer through a structured program.

2. Work Integrated Learning

Students can access opportunities to develop their skills and meet their course requirements.

3. Social Impact

Students can directly contribute to hundreds of NFPs and measure their impact against the UN SDGs.

Creating a student-centric experience

These services can be adjusted to cater to a variety of student needs.

CALD (Culturally & Linguistically Diverse)

Supporting: International students, overseas students

Delivered in partnership with AVI (Australian Volunteers International)

Complex Needs

Supporting: Mental Healthy & Disability

Delivered in partnership with Gradwise (Wise Employment)

Getting Started

We have a range of flexible pricing options, allowing you to mix & match our services to your needs.

  • Pilot
  • $4,500+ GST
    • Start small! Trial our solution through a pilot program.
    • Incl. first 15 students
    • 1 subject for W.I.L.

  • Faculty
  • $19,500+ GST
    • Open access to your faculty and set programs around department needs.
    • Incl. first 50 students
    • 3 subject for W.I.L.
    • Access fee: $6,000 p.a.

  • Institution
  • $48,000+ GST
    • Provide our platform & services university-wide!
    • Incl. first 200 students
    • 5 subject for W.I.L.
    • Access fee: $12,000 p.a.

Service fee: per active student over included.

1-50 students = $200/year

51-500 students = $150/year

501+ students = $120/year

*Service fee can be paid directly by students for Institution solution

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Pathway to Employment

In partnership with AVI (Australian Volunteers International) between August and December, Communiteer brought together university students and corporate volunteers for a 12-week mentoring program.

During this program, we also provided access to virtual volunteering where students could collaborate on skilled volunteering projects.

Our Pathway to Employment campaign formed a pilot to build insights and UX research to continue the development of a university program, resulting in the holistic offering we have created for you!

Case study coming soon!

Join our Growing Community

Collaboration between students, staff and alumni alike for the purpose of social impact.

  • student volunteering
    In student
    Cathy Zhao
  • student volunteering
    In student
    Juni Liu

Resources & Case Studies

As Communiteer is a platform that allows volunteers to give their time, grow their sense of purpose and connect with community leaders, it was a natural fit to participate in this year’s National Student Volunteer Week for 2020.

In celebrating #NSVW20 we created a webinar to promote student volunteering, shared various pieces of content on social media and participated in the University of Sydney Business School Careers Expo.

Read our Case Study HERE
student volunteering, student volunteer opportunities, volunteer work for students, univerities macquarie university

Communiteer engaged with Macquarie University (MQU) MBA students to collaborate with skilled volunteers for the goal of improving bottlenecks within our consultation

This benefitted the students in providing workplace experience and Communiteer with a project designed by
skilled volunteers, increasing our capacity.

Read our Case Study HERE

Further Reading

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