Holiday volunteering: 2 opportunities to engage your teams this giving season!

November 8, 2022

Madison Bryant, Communiteer

holiday volunteering corporate volunteering

While the holidays are a time of connection, celebration and enjoyment, they can also be a difficult reminder of the isolation and economic pressures we are collectively experiencing. Activate your employee community with corporate volunteering events during the holiday season!

LifeWorks’ latest Mental Health Index has found the majority of Australian workers are at risk of poor mental health, and as much as 34% face a high risk. Especially coming into the end of the year, we know these feelings are amplified. And with many offices closing over the holidays, how can we ensure our employees are thriving?

25% of employees say that their co-worker relationships are the most positively impacting element of work-life on their performance. While 20% attribute their decline in mental health to feeling isolated and 8% as a result of increased work stress.

At Communiteer, we know the power of volunteering in bringing people together around a shared goal, practising gratitude and building stronger connections to our community.

Introducing our new Community Activation range of volunteering events! Designed to spark fast engagement, collaboration & connection through focused employee-giving activities.

Based on the location, passions and working preferences of your employees, provide a way for them to help NFPs support those most vulnerable through holiday volunteering this giving season.

holiday volunteering
holiday volunteering giving season

Communiteer’s Giving Season

Many not-for-profits around the country are seeking support with holiday volunteering events, operational and planning projects or maintaining service delivery through the holiday period.

Whether they prefer online, face-to-face, events or skilled volunteering projects, Communiteer’s Giving Season initiative features holiday volunteering activities for a variety of causes across Australia.

Chat with our team to learn more about the available NFPs and opportunities!

Kick off 2023 with a Hack4Good

Inspire creativity, problem-solving and compassion in your teams while supporting NFPs to sustain and scale their impact on social causes.

Our Hack4Good brings employees together across the organisation, virtually or face-to-face. They’ll form a multidisciplinary group of 4-6 to ideate, scope and present a solution to a NFP strategic challenge.

See how Pfizer’s Hack4Good went earlier this year!

There are numerous community organisations already tackling a range of social issues, and the event showcased 4 of these incredible organisations, including :

  • Crohn’s & Colitis – For more than three decades, Crohn’s & Colitis Australia has been empowering the more than 100,000 Australian men, women and children living with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis – collectively known as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) – to live fearlessly.
  • Dragon Claw – They care because most in Dragon claw have rheumatoid disease or lupus and want to reduce stress and isolation and make a positive difference to the way health jurisdictions treat people with chronic disease.
  • Migraine Australia – The national patient advocacy organisation to support all Australians living with Migraine and their families. They are the voice of migraine in Australia.
  • Stormwater Shepherds – Their mission is to guide and inform global communities on stopping plastic and urban pollution at the source so all lifeforms can enjoy clean water for future generations.

Across Pfizer, volunteers formed multidisciplinary teams of 4-6 that went through an ideation process to arrive at a solution presented back to the community representative. The ideal solution is often a combination of resourcefulness, customer-centricity and excitability.

Activate your corporate community with Communiteer!

By connecting to a volunteer’s ‘why’, we empower individuals to find their purpose, building a longer-term habit of giving to contribute to a sustainable corporate community.

Through our expert consultation and advisory process, we craft the ideal solution to achieve business outcomes and extend the possibilities far past investment.

Reach out to our team to learn more about these offerings and other volunteering solutions to achieve the employee participation you’re looking for.

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