International Women’s Day 2022!

March 3, 2022

Madison Bryant, Communiteer

international womens day

In the lead up to International Women’s Day, we are celebrating and showcasing some of the women-centric NFPs on our platform!

This is what Jayna Huang, our community engagement coordinator had to say about today:

“International Women’s Day is a day for us to celebrate women’s achievement, increase visibility, and call out inequalities. There are many who are contributing to a world that is equal for all genders and free from bias. It’s NFPs like these, that fight for women in all stages of life and who are building towards a world that’s diverse, equitable and inclusive.”

Jayna Huang
jayna huang, international women's day

Here are some of the amazing not-for-profits on our platform for International Women’s Day!

💜 HER Africa:

HER Africa is a registered Not-for-Profit organisation, based in Australia. They are working to help empower poor African children, women and families to escape poverty through community-based self-help programs. These improve health, expand education, and create a better opportunities.

Volunteering Opportunities:

Project Manager: Support HER Africa in the setting up of key programs, working remotely with their team based in Nigeria.

Marketing, Fundraising and Events Manager: This team raises awareness about HER Africa and the work they do by identifying and creating fundraising opportunities and compelling storytelling. 

💜 WomenCan Australasia – The Placement Circle:

A charity dedicated to women’s independence and empowerment within the workforce.

Volunteering Opportunities:

Photographer/Media Assistant: To attend on-site sessions, student journeys, events and other meetings to capture images, videos. And most importantly the story of our women.

💜 Older Women’s Network NSW:

The Older Women’s Network (OWN) was born out of a necessity to have the voices of older women heard. They have been a vital, strong and consistent voice for older women in NSW for more than 35 years.

 As a dynamic members-led organisation, they operate throughout NSW with around 17 groups including 7 wellness centres.

Volunteering Opportunities:

Domestic Violence Marketing Campaign: Help ideate and implement a digital version of the campaign, ‘In her shoes’.

Content Writing: Their e-magazine will help older women feel connected with information remotely.

Find more opportunities on the Communiteer platform for International Women’s Day!

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