4 Team Building Activities to Bring People Back to Work

January 16, 2023

Madison Bryant, Communiteer

holiday corporate volunteering, team building activities

Instead of bringing our teams back together by force, let’s give them an experience to share and be inspired with volunteer team building activities.

Business leaders are struggling to get their teams back into the office. Though for many, home is proven to be a more productive and comfortable place to work. So why should we be trying to get people back?

Spontaneous collaboration is a driver of innovation and new ideas! Knowing your colleagues, cross-pollinating between departments and building a strong cultural identity is difficult with only work as the topic of conversation.

Employees want to know they work for a company that cares about making a positive contribution to society, and volunteering is perfect for that! It unites employees toward a larger purpose, whilst offering an opportunity to connect on a deeper level.

Employees are most engaged when there’s a goal they understand and a purpose to inspire them. Your core values and mission statement are the foundation of your company culture, which affects your employee engagement. Modern team building activities, ones with a community focus, make that statement clear.

Return to work with purpose.

What are the benefits of team building activities for work?

Team building activities for work with a volunteering focus have a number of benefits to not only the charity partner, but also the employee and organisation.


Build team cohesion, participation and collaboration through group activities with a shared purpose.


Enhance your employee value proposition with flexible activities aligned to their skills and values.


Engage your employees with a greater purpose at work and equip with peer support knowledge.

volunteer recognition, team building activities, corporate volunteering

4 Examples of Team Building Activities

In-person volunteering events with a charity partner

Especially during the current cost-of-living crisis, many charities delivering essential services around Australia are in great need of hands. If you are just starting out in your corporate volunteering journey, consider these events as a team building activity.

Not only do employees experience their community on the ground and support vulnerable Australians, they are sharing this experience with another, establishing closer bonds and support networks. Volunteering also promotes individual well-being and life satisfaction. Doing good for others is good for you!

Utilise Communiteer’s network of over 500+ charities as we facilitate a customised volunteer experience. Looking for a half day? Particular causes, or certain locations? We’ve got it covered.

National Community Day

One of the major challenges in team building is going across different locations, branches, and departments. In the age of remote working, we’re potentially going across hundreds or thousands of locations to build team connections.

A national community day includes multiple activities that go across main offices with remote options. Spark widespread team building and break down location silos. These activities could include planting trees across different cities and in personal backyards, online hackathons or in-person volunteering events with national charity partners.

Educational Volunteering

Establishing our awareness of social challenges is essential in moving about our world compassionately and effectively. Employees are also individuals with unique passions, motivations and beliefs. We can adapt traditional corporate team building to something more modern and engaging.

Educational volunteering experiences combine learning with real-world application. Our partner, Team Building with Purpose, works with a number of notable charities, including Habitat for Humanity and Lifesaving Australia. Together they package an interactive session that unpacks the cause, how we can relate to it as individuals, and finally how we can make a meaningful difference.

The energy and inspiration is channeled into the Communiteer platform where volunteers can choose from over 500+ organisations. Allowing employees the pathway to find their own passion is how we keep them engaged and excited about their impact.

Virtual Team Building with a Hack4Good

Not only do we need to provide our employees with ways they can contribute, but also the opportunities that align with their personal values, the skills they have to contribute or perhaps the new skills and activities they’ve been wanting to try out for awhile.

Inspire creativity, problem-solving and compassion in your teams while supporting NFPs to sustain and scale their impact on social causes.

Our Hack4Good brings employees together across the organisation, virtually or face-to-face. They’ll form a multidisciplinary group of 4-6 to ideate, scope and present a solution to a NFP strategic challenge.

Check out Communiteer’s Hack4Good in 2022 with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Australia!

Chat with our team

Facilitated team building activities are included within our Corporate Volunteering Plans. Book a chat with our team for pricing and further details on our volunteering services.

  1. Tell your Story: Fill us in on your social pillars, CSR strategy current programs and learning & development initiatives.
  2. Set expectations: Identify your participation targets and reporting requirements, now and in the future for team building activities.
  3. See our programs: We’ll walk you through our services, which gaps they fill and how we can create the ideal employee experience.

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