Wellbeing at Work: Doing good for others is good for you.

March 3, 2022

Madison Bryant, Communiteer

wellbeing at work

For many the end of lockdown also meant the end of working from home. However, the workforce that is returning to the office isn’t the same that left it. Wellbeing at work is at an all time low.

Mental Health and Wellbeing have become the top societal issues for Australian employees according to a recent survey. Many consider their employer as the most important source of support.

2022 has brought new challenges in the return-to-work. Our personal and professional values are blended in a hybrid environment, additionally, our social connections have greater importance than ever before. We’re tackling global goals and helping our peers at the same time.

Communiteer is bringing your employees wellbeing at work activities that have purpose.

Our Solution

To kickoff 2022 and the return to work, Communiteer is building our next community around the cause of UN SDG 3; Good Health & Wellbeing. Doing good for others creates greater life satisfaction, overall happiness and perception of general health.

When employees are thriving sick days reduce, engagement rises and productivity soars. Investing in your people is good for business.

Wellbeing at Work will create a holistic impact:


Build employee engagement and wellbeing knowledge by enabling their teams to help others in need.


Increase their wellbeing as they contribute to something greater and be recognised for their impact.


Increase student engagement and community participation, increasing employability and developing global citizens.


Feel supported during study, also while finding purpose and skill development through giving to those in need.


Giving time, skills and resources to support NFPs delivering essential services to those most vulnerable.

Get Involved in Wellbeing at Work

wellbeing at work

Something to Learn

Key NFP subject matter experts will use content to build awareness of wellbeing at work, including regular newsletters, themed events and stories, with practical ways to improve wellbeing.

A case study of learnings to be shared post-campaign.

wellbeing at work

Something to Change

Join regular monthly events run by our friendly team! These include:

Story Circles: Volunteers hear the inspiring stories behind NFP organisations.
Match2Impact: Speed matching of volunteers to the perfect volunteering opportunity.

wellbeing at work

Something to Do

Empower our next generation with our University Mentoring: 10-week program paired with a student.

Virtual Volunteering on the Communiteer platform! Volunteers will have a choice of 500+NFPs with opportunities varying in cause, skillset, commitment and locality.

Event-based volunteering! Group-based activities, activating employees around a NFP challenge.

Next Steps

Express interest in our Wellbeing at Work program by heading here!

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