Employee Volunteering

Create deeper staff engagement on critical social issues that your organisation cares about by learning from, and supporting community organisations through an employee volunteering program.

Delivered over 4 weeks, the following outcomes are addressed while focusing on a specific social issue:

employee volunteering program corporate volunteering program


Build team compassion for, and understanding of, the social issue through storytelling.

employee volunteering program corporate volunteering program


Promote existing internal strategies and policies to embed long-term cultural change.

employee volunteering program corporate volunteering program


Inspire collaboration
and team building to reinforce learnings across the organisation.

employee volunteering program corporate volunteering program


Volunteering with community partners
to drive meaningful
social impact

Employee Volunteering Programs

Wellbeing @ Work

A proactive and practical learning experience on how to uplift the wellbeing of ourselves, our colleagues and the wider community, with relevant volunteering opportunities.

Topics Included:
Work-life balance, peer support, physical and emotional health.

Ideal for:
People & Culture, Learning & Development, Employee Wellbeing, Employee Advisory Groups

Strength in Diversity

Volunteering with community organisations to create new lived experiences for employees, building a more compassionate, inclusive and united workplace.

Select a theme from the following categorisations of Diversity:
LGBTIQA+, Cultural, Gender, Disability, Age

Ideal for:
People & Culture, Employee Advisory Groups, Diversity & Inclusion, CSR / ESG

Social & Sustainable Procurement

Enable teams to make informed, ethical decisions in their work with practical strategies and volunteering opportunities provided by community partners.

Topics Included:
Social enterprise, First Nations investment, climate action, modern slavery and circular economy.

Ideal for:
Sustainability, Logistics & supply chain, Operations, CSR / ESG

Getting Started

We’ll work with you to find the ideal combination of employee volunteering programs and activities to reach your goals:

Stories from our Volunteering Programs

Hear the experiences of our employee volunteering programs! Applying their skills for good and connecting with like-minded colleagues, employees can support community organisations in need.