Our Why

At Communiteer, we want to use technology as a force for good to create a more equitable, humane and prosperous society. This is our why.

CEO, Victor Lee, found working within the not-for-profit space the urgent need for skilled volunteers to build capacity. Co-founder Vincent Feng knew the other side; the challenge of finding the right volunteering opportunity, matching skillset and values.

The answer is collaboration

In 2018, it all began with an idea; a one-stop-shop for businesses, not-for-profits and individuals to collaborate through digital technology.

Since January 2019, that mission has expanded rapidly. We’re entering a new age, where virtual environments are essential to transcend borders, create resource sustainability and build a sense of continuity.

We are here to connect not-for-profits with the corporate partners, people and the skills they need to make a difference while providing businesses the opportunity to venture further into the social impact space.

Our Social Impact

We use the SDGs on our platform as a universal language that aligns not-for-profit projects to the outcomes and causes they contribute to.

This makes it easier to report against social impact metrics so volunteers and businesses know exactly where their impact is going. 

At Communiteer, we indirectly contribute to all 17 through our platform, though our specific focus is on:

Connecting diverse communties, skillsets and experiences to find strength in diversity.

Make cities and communities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

We believe in a future where time is given freely, collaboration is commonplace and different experiences are recognised as a vibrant tapestry of a unified community.

Our Team

We collaborate to help others collaborate.

Our team consists of passionate people with different skillsets and cultural backgrounds, and we recognise the strength in diversity.

We are values-driven, pragmatic and determined people who practice what we preach!

We care deeply about other people, the wider community and the environment we live in.

Position & Content

Victor Lee

Victor began his career as a management consultant specialising in HR, Change Management and Corporate Volunteering.
In 2009, he became COO of Australia’s first online mental health community at Reachout, before making his mark as the General Manager of Australia’s largest Community Legal Centre.

Madison Bryant

Madison is a marketing and social media specialist who helps promote the social mission of for-purpose organisations. She develops marketing strategies and campaigns to engage people with social causes, advocating for Communiteer externally to spread the word about virtual volunteering.

Narisa Soden

Narisa has a passion for creating visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate people. She is passionate about solving social issues and giving a voice to the voiceless through the use of graphics and imagery to engage with viewers in efforts to drive emotions and motivate an audience to action.

Sandra Dang

Sandra is a creative soul who is passionate about graphic design and illustration. As one of Communiteer’s Digital Storytellers, she hopes to inspire people to contribute and partake in making a social impact through the art of video storytelling.

Jessie Wang

Jessie is passionate about using her privilege and writing talent to give a voice to people and issues that have too often been silenced. She has volunteered across multiple sectors and countries, including at an orphanage in Cambodia, at a turtle conservation project in Costa Rica, at a refugee ‘hotspot’ in Greece, and her local community.

Acquisition & Expand

Michelle Adler

Michelle is an experienced business development manager who specialises in technology platforms for good. She is passionate about understanding challenges and helping them be solved through digital solutions, she loves helping people achieve their best and working in the for-purpose space.

Muneesh Wadhwa

Muneesh is best known as the Managing Director of the CIO Network, a community of IT
Executives learning from each other. He is the Founder of Humanity in Business,
running social impact events for corporates. He now brings his corporate sales expertise to
growing Communiteer.

Catalina Hernandez

Catalina is our event coordinator, connecting stakeholders with hackathons, workshops and exhibitions.
She loves nature and people. She has travelled and volunteered around the world teaching kids to read, the elderly to use technology, and touching people’s hearts and lives.

Kennardy Kusuma

Kennardy is experienced in scientific research and education. He brings his expertise to help Communiteer develop educational programs across a variety of sectors, form business partnerships and assist in meaningful strategic decisions.

Rajkumar Rajendra

Raj was in business development, before making the switch to the NFP sector. He has a passion for challenges like start-ups or organisational change. He loves working with charities that help children and the environment but will help any organisation with a worthy cause. Currently, he is the GM of the Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore).


Apurv Godbole

Apurv is an aspiring management consultant with a background in engineering, automation, and sales. He loves taking on challenges that directly impact society. He has been an active part of organizations improving the community; including the Robin Hood Academy in India tackling food waste and leveraging his language skills through Translators without Borders.

Vishnu Balaji

Vishnu is an aspiring management consultant with a background in engineering. He loves to be involved in solving problems that have a tangible impact on society. He has been involved with Greenpeace in the past where he was a part of digital campaigns aimed at improving the air quality index of New Delhi, India.

Shriya Narayanan

Shriya works as a data analyst with a background in engineering and business management. With a passion for solving challenges and helping others, she works with one of Australia’s largest aged care providers , utilising her data skills to improve the quality of living. She is also involved with World Vision and Australian Red Cross.

Deploy & Engagement

Joyce Cheok

Joyce comes from the corporate sector as a practicing solicitor in property law. Her local and overseas volunteer involvement in the community spans across humanitarian aid, language teaching, and community, workplace and campus engagement.

Vinia Eve Siu

Vinia is currently studying event management and is constantly looking for new opportunities to broaden her own knowledge. Over the last couple of years, she has volunteered in creative arts and athletics, and she's bringing her community-building skills to our platform.

Willem Booker

Willem is currently studying Education. With a love for aesthetically pleasing colour coordination, spreadsheets, and transforming data into an effective growth tool.
Willem spent 2 years teaching primary students about healthy relationships with the Respect Program, a White Ribbon program, to educate about the issue of Domestic Violence.

Product & Operations

Vincent X. Feng

After a career delivering digital technology for the likes of Optus, Foxtel and M&C Saatchi and spending years volunteering in his community, Vincent turned towards ways to combine his two passions.
He taught interaction design at UTS for a number of years, and has authored research on key motivating factors for online volunteering.

Ronald Cheung

Ronald has experience as Technical Lead, IT operations and Problem Manager leading teams to deliver solutions at AMP Capital before founding Save22, a digital media marketing platform in South East Asia. Ronald now brings his expertise in managing on-and- offshore developers to iterate and develop the Communiteer platform.

Bishakha Shrestha

Bishakha is utilising her skills in UI Design to help create a user-centric platform for all changemakers who want to make a social impact.
She has volunteered with UN Women, Red Cross, Taronga Zoo, Trekking4Nepal, and she strongly believes in doing her bit for the community.

Jannatul Ferdaus

Jannatul is studying a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at UTS. She is very passionate about education and is a gender equity and diversity ambassador for UTS. Jannatul hopes to learn from and contribute to Communiteer's goal in making the world a better place to live in with her passion for social justice and education.

Our Supporters

Thank you for believing in us!

We want to sincerely thank the volunteers who have helped us along the way and recognise them for the contributions they’ve made to bring Communiteer to life.