Our Why

Philanthropy is not a new concept. It is the foundation that built the community sector in Australia – most charities were established through generous donations and operated purely by volunteers.

Unfortunately, the number of philanthropists or ‘changemakers’ have been steadily declining and the way people want to participate in social good is also rapidly changing. ‘Doing good’ is now competing with longer work hours, more complex lifestyles, and the likes of social media for people’s time and attention.

Whilst technology can certainly provide people with greater access to information, it can also increase social isolation, which has long-term effects on the mental health of individuals and the health of our community as a whole.

For those who are motivated to ‘do some good’, it is often very hard to find appropriate opportunities that resonate with their purpose and creates measurable impact. This leads to a decline in social participation and a lack of awareness of our current social problems.

This is where Communiteer comes in.

We’re all about creating social impact

Our online community is purpose-built to foster social participation by leveraging the technology behind social media and crowdsourcing platforms to increase user engagement and collaborative opportunities.

Communiteer aligns all communities, content and contributions on our platform to the UN Sustainable Development Goals so that you know exactly what your time and efforts are contributing to. These goals act as the universal language that aligns charities, corporates and changemakers together and measure how our collective efforts are creating social impact.

Our Social Impact

As advocates for the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we have identified the following SDGs for ourselves and have based our performance indicators around them.

Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all

Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

Our Team

We collaborate to help others collaborate.

Our team is multi-talented and we each play a crucial role to deliver a good user experience for our stakeholders. We are all changemakers and our purpose is in helping others fulfil theirs.

Victor Lee

Victor is a social-entrepreneur who believes in cross-sector collaboration and the strength in diversity. His career in the community sector spans across the areas of mental health, youth unemployment, disability, social housing and social justice.

Vincent X. Feng

Vincent has spent 9 years in digital fighting fires and herding cats. He has worked across digital project management, user experience research and design, and business development for clients in the corporate, not-for profit and public sectors.

Joyce Cheok

Joyce comes from the corporate sector as a practicing solicitor in property law. Her local and overseas volunteer involvement in the community spans across humanitarian aid, language teaching, and community, workplace and campus engagement.

Morgan Ferrier

Morgan believes in the power of new ideas. Exploring the world around him and getting to know all it's aspects with regards to technology is what he enjoys. His career spans various engagements with the not-for-profit sector.

Chloe Ha

Chloe harnesses the power of collaboration, tackling the world's challenges head on with other changemakers. She enjoys building connections between purposeful individuals and raising awareness of social causes.

Daniel King

Daniel helps to connect like-minded individuals through developing user engagement strategies and resources. His career journey has encompassed customer service, customer relationship management and business leadership.

Madison Bryant

Madison is a marketing and social media specialist who helps promote the social mission of for-purpose organisations. She develops marketing strategies and campaigns to engage people with social causes.

Annie Renouf

Annie raises awareness of social causes by telling stories which connect people to them. She recognises the contribution of purposeful individuals and communities using written and visual content.

Ronald Cheung

With over 10 years of experience as a software development manager, systems architect, consultant and developer, Ronald has excelled in on-time, on budget delivery of a wide range of projects.

Yoon Park

Yoon is an illustrator and designer, who brings ideas to life. She is passionate about using her skills to showcase the work of individuals and organisations who are maximising social impact.

Álvaro Lopez

Álvaro has worked across different production teams, managing a cloud platforms with different virtualization technologies. He is passionate about technology, learning about new techniques and tools for user engagement.

Our Supporters

Thank you for believing in us!

We want to sincerely thank the changemakers who have helped us along the way and recognise them for the contributions they’ve made to bring Communiteer to life.

Communiteer’s mission is to facilitate social impact via cross-sector collaboration

Social Awareness

We help individuals and organisations discover, learn and align themselves with the UN Sustainable Development Goals that they believe in.

Social Participation

We work with organisations to create opportunities for individuals to get involved in ways that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Social Inclusion

We enable values-aligned individuals and mission-aligned organisations to collaborate with one another through online communities.