About Us

In 2018, it all began with an idea; To connect not-for-profit organisations with skilled volunteers, creating a ripple effect of social impact.

Since January 2019, that mission has expanded rapidly.

We are here to help NFPs find the people and skills they need to affect change. Communiteer is the facilitator that combines the technology behind social media platforms and job sites to form communities based on social good. This retains volunteers and builds ongoing collaborative relationships, empowering organisations to achieve more.

Our Why

Volunteerism is not new. In fact, it is the foundation that built the community sector in Australia – most charities started as organisations that were run by volunteers.

Unfortunately, the number of volunteers have been steadily declining and the way in which people participate is also rapidly changing. ‘Doing good’ is now competing with the likes of social media and ‘fake news’ for people’s time and attention. Whilst technology can certainly provide people with greater access to information, it can also increase social isolation, which has long term effect on the mental health of individuals and the health of our community as a whole.

For those who are motivated to ‘do some good’, it’s often very hard to find appropriate opportunities that resonates with their purpose and creates measureable impact. This leads to a decline in social participation and a lack of awareness of our current social problems.

This is where Communiteer comes in.


How it Works

Our Social Impact

Through careful research and testing, we have created a dedicated space for NFPs, volunteers and for-purpose organisations; 

where ideas flow and are shared across communities, stories are used to engage and stimulate the creative talents of volunteers, management and implementation of projects and programs on a cross-sector level is commonplace, and more opportunities are created to work towards and achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Connecting diverse communties, skillsets and experiences to find strength in diversity.

Make cities and communities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

Our Team

We collaborate to help others collaborate.

Our team is multi-talented and we each play a crucial role to deliver a good user experience for our stakeholders. We are all changemakers and our purpose is in helping others fulfil theirs.

Victor Lee

Victor began his career as a management consultant specialising in HR, Change Management and Corporate Volunteering.
In 2009, he became Chief Operating Officer of Australia’s first online mental health community at Reachout, before making his mark as the General Manager of Australia’s largest Community Legal Centre.

Vincent X. Feng

After a career delivering digital technology for the likes of Optus, Foxtel and M&C Saatchi and spending years volunteering in his community, Vincent turned towards ways to combine his two passions.
He taught interaction design at UTS for a number of years, and has authored research on key motivating factors for online volunteering.

Muneesh Wadhwa

Muneesh is best known as the Managing Director of the CIO Network, a community of IT
Executives learning from each other. He is the Founder of Humanity in Business,
running social impact events for corporates. He now brings his corporate sales expertise to
growing Communiteer.

Joyce Cheok

Joyce comes from the corporate sector as a practicing solicitor in property law. Her local and overseas volunteer involvement in the community spans across humanitarian aid, language teaching, and community, workplace and campus engagement.

Chloe Ha

Chloe harnesses the power of collaboration, tackling the world's challenges head on with other changemakers. She enjoys building connections between purposeful individuals and raising awareness of social causes.

Ronald Cheung

Ronald has experience as Technical Lead, IT operations and Problem Manager leading teams to deliver solutions at AMP Capital before founding Save22, a digital media marketing platform in South East Asia. Ronald now brings his expertise in managing on-and- offshore developers to iterate and develop the Communiteer platform.

Madison Bryant

Madison is a marketing and social media specialist who helps promote the social mission of for-purpose organisations. She develops marketing strategies and campaigns to engage people with social causes, advocating for Communiteer externally to spread the word about virtual volunteering.

Bishakha Shrestha

Bishakha is utilising her skills in UI Design to help create a user-centric platform for all changemakers who want to make a social impact.
She has volunteered with UN Women, Red Cross, Taronga Zoo, Trekking4Nepal, and she strongly believes in doing her bit for the community.

Catalina Hernandez

Catalina is our event coordinator, connecting stakeholders with hackathons, workshops and exhibitions.
She loves nature and people. She has travelled and volunteered around the world teaching kids to read, the elderly to use technology, and touching people’s hearts and lives.

Iyana Afiya

With a background in IT, Iyana hopes to improve her skills and knowledge and make valuable contributions to Communiteer. Iyana has volunteered with organisations such as Pyrmont Ultimo Chamber of Commerce and Bankstown City Council. Iyana is particularly passionate about the education of young children.

Willem Booker

Willem is currently studying Education. With a love for aesthetically pleasing colour coordination, spreadsheets, and transforming data into an effective growth tool.
Willem spent 2 years teaching primary students about healthy relationships with the Respect Program, a White Ribbon program, to educate about the issue of Domestic Violence.

Kennardy Kusuma

Kennardy is experienced in scientific research and education. He brings his expertise to help Communiteer develop educational programs across a variety of sectors, form business partnerships and assist in meaningful strategic decisions.

Rajkumar Rajendra

Raj was in business development, before making the switch to the NFP sector. He has a passion for challenges like start-ups or organisational change. He loves working with charities that help children and the environment but will help any organisation with a worthy cause. Currently, he is the GM of the Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore).

Vinia Eve Siu

Vinia is currently studying event management and is constantly looking for new opportunities to broaden her own knowledge. Over the last couple of years, she has volunteered in creative arts and athletics, and she's bringing her community-building skills to our platform.

Katie Yang

With experiences working with NSW Government, multinational recruitment consultancy, social enterprise, SME, business council and indigenous community, Katie built expertise in strategy consulting, project management, business model development, government engagement, stakeholder engagement, impact measurement, human-centred design and design thinking.

Stephannie Estrada Zimic

Stephannie began her career as a corporate finance specialist, leading projects in South America. She's always wanted to apply her knowledge to create social impact towards sustainable economic development. Based on her passion for languages, she strongly believes in the power of community building to raise awareness of social causes.