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Not-for-profits are stretched and under-resourced. Corporates are responding to an increasingly socially conscious society. Individuals want to see shining examples of how business-for-good can change the world.

How can we tap into the expertise and funding of businesses to take social impact into the stratosphere?

The answer is collaboration.

Communiteer is the place where not-for-profits, corporates and volunteers can come together to participate in social good projects. They can share inspiring stories and converse about causes that matter to them. All while tracking impact against the Sustainable Development Goals.

We’re entering a new age, where virtual environments are essential to transcend borders. We need to create resource sustainability and build a sense of continuity for not-for-profits.

How will it work?


find & connect with volunteers

Join our consultants in a scoping session to identify your key challenges. Let’s find how volunteers can help.


find & connect with volunteers

Learn how to use our platform with a guided demo from our support team. Then we’ll give you the keys to your new community.


find & connect with volunteers

Populate your community by uploading your projects. Share your story.

We only support NFPs in Australia and New Zealand.

 Have any questions? Simply give us a call – 0420413837

Flexibility in the way you manage volunteers!

find volunteers project volunteering online
Project-based Volunteering

A scope of work that is outcome-focused. This is often dependent on a set of professional skills. Volunteers will collaborate on a flexible schedule.

find volunteers role-based volunteering online
Role-based Volunteering

An ongoing position with set hours to be filled with volunteer capacity and skill set. This often includes some training and induction prior.

Are You Taking Climate Action?

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Communiteer is building a new virtual community of not-for-profits on our platform. This will focus on Sustainable Development Goal 13, Climate Action.

This is the first of many enduring, self-sustaining communities we are creating around the SDGs. Which will continue facilitating social impact opportunities after the campaign has concluded.

Rising out of the ashes of 2020 where no one was left untouched, we can band together virtually to protect our physical world.

Click here to find out more!

Join Our Growing Community

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Looking for new ways to fundraise?

good2give partnership integration

We’re now integrated with Good2Give, Australia’s largest workplace giving platform!

Learn how you can manage your workplace giving and corporate volunteering in one place. Build stronger relationships with corporate partners. Create better social impact outcomes for not-for-profits.

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Resources & Case Studies

We celebrate our volunteers and the dedication they demonstrate to our not-for-profits on the platform and at events. This is obvious in the results they create and the meaningful experiences they share with others in the community.

Read about these outcomes below.

Volunteering Australia and DMG

Completion of skill-based volunteering projects on our platform is our bread and butter. After a decade of brand transformations, Volunteering Australia wanted to recognise volunteers with a more enduring brand. This challenge required volunteers to rethink the brand strategy and provide a compelling design for marketing collateral.


The Red Cross Member Network

Community engagement is at our core. Despite generalisations about technology being a barrier for an older cohort, there is strong evidence indicating the willingness of Red Cross members to engage with our digital platform. We provided Red Cross their first online space for members to exchange experiences, and access information and support from other branches.


Large Multinational bank

One of our L&D service offerings are customer-centric leadership programs, delivered to large corporates as a low-risk environment for staff to learn and develop their skills by applying them to strategic business challenges faced by charities. In turn, these consultations give charities executable business plans with new diversified income streams for healthier business sustainability.


PMI Sydney and IIBA Australia

One of our CSR service offerings are employee volunteering events, including 1-day skill-based volunteering (a.k.a hackathons). When employees want to make the most impact possible within 1 day of volunteer leave, using their professional skills to help charities with their project management and business analysis challenges.


Bauer and Slingshot Media

Skill-based volunteering events are great Business Development opportunities. Marketing professionals showing off their expertise and skills to deliver much-needed skills to charities contributing to SDGs 5 and 10.