Student Volunteering

A holistic student experience

Volunteering is powerful opportunity to connect and communicate with others in a safe and welcoming environment, develop a sense of belonging and cultivate workplace relevant skills.

Our education sector has an essential role to play in developing our future leaders as global citizens, aware of the world around them.

With a competitive employment landscape, we can give students the tools, connections and awareness to forge their own path to self-discovery and professional success.

social impact


Provide work-relevant experience adapting to new environments and facing real-world challenges.



Increase student engagement in their education as they find a cause and purpose that resonates.

skill development


Widen opportunities for students to build their professional network with cross-sector relationships.

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The Student Journey

We facilitate volunteering opportunities that align with the evolving needs of the students through their journey.

student volunteering opportunities near me


Where students feel welcomed, make new connections and settle into their new surroundings.


Where students feel supported and are afforded opportunities to broaden their experience and grow.


Where students are equipped with the confidence and experience for the next chapter of their lives.

Our Programs

Each program is designed to achieve a set student outcome and is based on the stage of student journey.

Cultural Immersion

Support international students settle into local communities with structured peer support and volunteering opportunities.

Skilled Volunteering

Inspire students to make a meaningful impact on the causes they support applying theoretical knowledge to real-world, social challenges.


Virtually or face-to-face, bring students together around community organisations to find solutions for strategic challenges.


With the help of corporate mentors, students build their workplace readiness over 8 weeks and engage in community volunteering.

Student Volunteering Stories

Hear the experiences of volunteer team building activities! Applying their skills for good and connecting with like-minded colleagues, employees can support community organisations in need.

Volunteering in the Community

Together with the City of Parramatta and Western Sydney University, Communiteer connected students with volunteering opportunities to develop their leadership skills, while creating a positive impact in the community.

International Student Experiences

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, get familiar with the Australian social and workplace context, and develop stronger communication skills while in a supportive and safe environment.

Our Education Network

I trust Communiteer. We trust Communiteer will do the right thing to find and facilitate impactful opportunities that students can take up and experience because I can see the NFP sector having that trust in what you guys do.

Alex Connor

Centre for Social Justice & Inclusion, UTS

Being successful in the workplace isn’t just about technical knowledge. You need practical skills, transferable skills. Understanding what it means to be ready and what it takes to be successful in the workplace.

Anthony Kadi

Director of Professional Practice in the Faculty of Engineering, USYD

We’ve received brilliant feedback from the mentors and mentees who’ve found value in the conversations and the relationships that have developed over the program. There’s an exceptional generation of highly talented young people about to enter the workforce.

Jamie Nicholson

Corporate Affairs Manager & Mentor, Roche

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