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Product Update – 012

Implemented on 14th April 2020

April Showers

This release is primarily focused on system improvements, in areas such as notifications, user profiles and discussion sections. Numerous bug fixes are also present!

If you’re interested in providing us with further feedback, you can send an email to Thanks for your help!

New features

  • N/A


  • Notification emails now have an accurate date and time to reflect the time it is sent. It also means that popular email servers, such as Gmail, won’t stack these emails together, making it easier for users to visually determine the number of new emails.
  • Notifications are now distinguished between:
    • Unread – The user hasn’t seen it at all. An email is sent to notify the user.
    • Read – The user has clicked to view the notifications section in the header. An email will not be sent, but the background of the notification is highlighted in green to signify that it’s new.
    • Clicked – The user has clicked on a specific notification (to investigate it further). An email will not be sent, and the background of the notification is now white.
  • User profiles are now shown on an entire page instead of an overlay. This is to ready the page for future functionality.
  • Communities can now be deactivated by Communiteer internal staff. This means the following can’t be accessed:
    • The community can’t be searched in the Communities page.
    • All related community pages
      • About Us
      • Community News
      • FAQs
      • Discussions
      • Projects
      • Supporters
      • Resources
    • All content that could be shown on the Feed or Explore pages
      • Stories
      • Announcements
      • Programs
      • Projects
      • Events
      • Discussions
      • Files (in the Resources page and projects)
  • Organisations can now be deactivated by Communiteer internal staff. All associated communities will also be deactivated (see above)


  • Removed the context menu where it appeared that someone could edit someone else’s details in their public profile. They couldn’t previously, it just appeared that they could.
  • New projects created with linked programs now display the programs properly.
  • Fixed a problem where the project URL wasn’t showing properly when certain special characters were used, such as question marks (?) and ampersands (&).
  • Projects no longer load inside an overlay when a user clicks on a project link from a program overlay. It instead opens in a new browser tab.
  • When creating a new task, default text is added to both the task name and task description to reduce the possibility of the user saving a task with an empty title and/or description. Also, error text is shown to the user if the task title/description is empty, forcing them to enter some details.


  • User Interface improvements to better reflect the identity of those communities, such as more prominent logo placement.
  • Micro-actions for content, such as upvotes and the display of stats for each content.
  • Easier navigation to a user’s communities from the left-hand navigation.


If you have any questions about the system, feel free to reach us in the community titled  “Communiteer New Users Community” within our platform. Alternatively, you can email us at to have your queries directly addressed by one of our staff.

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