International Day of Happiness: A Celebration of Humanity

The passage of the International Day of Happiness begins when the plane of the Earth’s equator passes through the centre of the sun’s disk, a universal phenomenon felt by all of humankind. This mirrors the sentiment of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon who emphasises that “Happiness is for the entire human family and is one of the main goals of the United Nations… let us hope that through our work, we can turn that aspiration into a reality.” This makes it pivotal that International Day of Happiness is observed during the March Equinox, marking an event that everyone bears witness to without distinction. The universality of this moment in time; embodies an expression of the aims which lie at the heart of Sustainable Development Goal 3, which focuses on ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing at all ages. 

The Meaning of Happiness?

Happiness encompasses the state of being happy at a fundamental level; while forming the cornerstone of efforts to promote sustainable development, poverty eradication and improving wellbeing. It is central to the inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth which focuses on realising the goal of giving human beings a shared experience of a happy life. 

In your own life, you can be a pioneer of building a stronger community through being part of a broader effort to be genuinely happy and fulfilled. In many ways, it strikes a chord with others and has unanticipated outcomes for all. Connecting with ourselves and how we are feeling nurtures our ability to relate to the experiences of other people and empathise with them. This is a vehicle for being able to start a conversation and reach out to others in a way that can transform their outlook on life. It helps us realise that happiness is a choice which involves making a concerted attempt to be a source of our own strength. 

Finding a Place for Happiness in Home of the Human Family

We all have different experiences of happiness and it can come to you through a change in your circumstances or actively pursuing it. Participating and engaging with the community; whether that is in your local area, family or group of friends is a pillar of fostering a sense of inclusivity. You can even go beyond that and use your skills to build the capacity of your community and form groups of people who are passionate about finding a common purpose. Everything you do and the actions you take enable you to emerge at the forefront of the global call to dedicate our efforts towards filling the world with happiness. Uplifting everyone around you is something can do every day in a small way, it can even start with asking your barista how their day is going.

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