Introducing our Partnership with Volunteering Victoria

Volunteering Victoria is a state peak body for promoting the social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits of volunteering to individuals and communities. 

To celebrate Communiteer’s partnership with Volunteering Victoria, our Content Writer Annie sat down with Volunteering Victoria CEO Scott Miller. 

Volunteering Victoria assists volunteer involving organisations with leading, managing and supporting their volunteers more effectively. 

A Home for Community Engagement

Being a peak body enables them to provide a home for volunteer involving organisations and their supporters to meet in. They are integral to fostering inclusion and building resilient communities. 

AR: What do peak bodies offer the community?

SM: Peak bodies offer coordination and infrastructure, they are centralised platform to promote best practice community engagement and to mobilise advocacy. 

AR: Is Communiteer helping Volunteering Victoria provide coordination and infrastructure for community engagement? 

SM: The Communiteer platform is a chance to network and share ideas, to hear what’s the top of people’s minds and to use that to organise Volunteering Victoria. Sometimes being a peak body is about doing things that no one else can or will do. 

Not every organisation or the time or resources to think about volunteering in a full-time capacity. That’s what we are trying to do, support other organisations. 

Building Connections

Volunteering Victoria is guided by the purpose of strengthening the community; by leading the development of a collaborative, sustainable and thriving volunteering movement. 

AR: What do you find interesting about the organisations that Communiteer have involved on our platform? 

SM: I value the humility of their journey, how they have used their experiences to shape their work. There is nothing like sharing a story of adversity and hearing about how someone was able to overcome that to advance their social mission.

AR: Can you tell Volunteering Victoria’s supporters about the benefits of digital volunteering? 

SM: Technology is upon us and it’s offering a great means of doing things smarter. Technology is like a wave towards us, we are like the rock stuck in one place. We’re not moving like the sands are.

We need to adapt quickly and effectively, we are more resolute that we will not bunker down. The organisations on Communiteer’s platform move with the tide, enjoying the benefits that technology provides. 

Engaging in Collaboration

Communiteer values being a strategic partner of Volunteering Victoria. Together we can strive towards finding new and creative ways to engage organisations and volunteers in meaningful volunteering. 

AR: What are the benefits of using technology? 

SM: Technology removes the barriers and hurdles towards volunteering. It addresses the inefficiencies that volunteer organisations have dealt with in the past that technology just glides over.

AR: Can you tell me about the inefficiencies that technology glides over? 

SM: It makes it easier for volunteers to submit an expression an interest and to train volunteers, without having to use someone to gatekeep onboarding processes or control the flow of information. 

AR: How can digital volunteering improve volunteer recruitment and training? 

SM: The advantages of technology are felt when we are forming our volunteer plans. It makes a tremendous difference to how we connect and identify with charities and their mission, while streamlining the procedure of becoming a volunteer.

Communiteer and Volunteering Victoria invite you to join our social good network! We look forward to volunteering with you and connecting you with meaningful opportunities. 

Written by Annie Renouf, Content Writer at Communiteer. 

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