Communiteer Launches Partnership With Good2Give

Now, more than ever, we should utilise online technology to connect those who want to make a difference, and the organisations working on the front-lines.

As donation and volunteerism go hand in hand, Communiteer has been working in partnership with Good2Give, Australia’s largest workplace giving platform. We are excited to announce the launch of our integrated solution that will allow corporations to empower their staff to contribute their money, skills or time to charities they support and create a greater impact.

Good2Give is committed to building a more giving society that supports the far-reaching and valuable work of the charity sector. Since 2001, Good2Give has facilitated $225 million to more than 8,000 Australian and international communities.

Victor Lee, CEO of Communiteer, reinforces that, “for-purpose organisations need money, skills and time to continue to deliver their vital services to the wider community. Being a specialist in online community building and skill-based volunteering, we have always seen the need to mobilise both monetary and human resources in order for us to amplify our collective impact.”

“We saw strong values-alignment with Good2Give and we share a common vision to build a more giving and prosperous society to support the charity sector. As such, we are really excited to announce our partnership with Good2Give and launch our integrated solution at the same time. This technical solution will provide a better experience for corporates, charities and changemakers alike.”

“Companies can now create even more of a social impact through volunteering,” says Good2Give’s CEO, Lisa Grinham. “We believe it will introduce a new opportunity for businesses to give not just money, but also to dedicate some volunteer time to those charities in desperate need.”

By providing this network of corporations and volunteers to support charities in their missions, we can address resource shortages and create a ripple effect of change that benefits all of society.

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