Interview: Imagine Accounting

Interview: Imagine Accounting

What inspired you to start Communiteer?

Prior to starting Communiteer, all three co-founders wanted to give back to the community through volunteering, but found it difficult to do so while working full-time jobs. Starting Communiteer helps bridge the gap of good-hearted Australians with valuable skills not able to give back to their community because of their busy schedules.

What does your company do?

Communiteer is a social venture, with a mission to increase social participation. We connect existing and would-be volunteers with Not-For-Profit and For-Purpose organisations, help them collaborate on skilled projects and facilitate their contributions to social impact. We hope to help volunteers develop their skills, give back to the community and create positive social impact.

Our technology platform is more than just a volunteering job board. It is an online collaboration space, where volunteers and Not-For-Profits can work together to get their projects done. We also host or co-facilitate events that connect volunteers and Not-For-Profits, help them build rapport and then use the platform to strengthen the relationship over time.

How can people start volunteering through Communiteer?

There are a few ways to start! You can sign-up through the platform or send us over an email at We are working with Not-For-Profits and corporate volunteers presently, and will open to the general public in January, 2019. If you’re interested but your employer currently does not have a volunteering program, you can signup and we will be in touch when the platform is open to the public.

If you run a corporate volunteering program or would like to increase staff engagement and participation rates, get in touch at and we can connect your organisation with our community of volunteers, Not-For-Profits and For-Purpose organisations.

What makes Communiteer different?

The Communiteer platform is accessible and flexible to maximise engagement with existing and would-be volunteers, especially those who work and study full-time, and scalable and measurable for Not-For-Profits and corporates who are looking to make an impact and give back to the community.

How have Imagine Accounting assisted you?

Being a start-up social venture, we have a somewhat complex business model. Marius Hiu from Imagine Accounting has been very insightful and timely with his advice. He invested the time into understanding our business, the various stakeholders we assist, and the potential pressure points in our business now and into the future. Besides providing us with timely bookkeeping services, Marius and his team have assisted us in putting our budgets and financial reports together to ensure that we have a good handle of our financial status.

Would you recommend Imagine Accounting?

Yes. Having engaged with Imagine Accounting for almost 3 years, they have been a very supportive and understanding partner who has rode the various waves of a start-up with us. Their recent move to their new and bigger office premises also reaffirms that they are here to stay, which is reassuring.

Any advice for those looking to start a small business?

It is very important to appreciate what you have accomplished and look after yourself. A startup is a marathon, not a sprint. Self-care is very important, and many entrepreneurs don’t last the distance for financial, social and personal reasons. Get into a good routine, look after yourself and always go back to your vision and mission.

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