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Join Communiteer to tackle the climate crisis

Few countries have such a diverse array of ecosystems like Australia, meaning we have more to lose than most due to climate change.

The unprecedented bushfires and flooding in 2019/2020 need to be brought back to the front of our minds, as we rebuild almost $5 billion worth of damage and loss of biodiversity.

The not-for-profit sector played an invaluable role in responding to these disasters and volunteers were critical to the support of many victims, wildlife and infrastructure, acting quickly for disaster relief and record-making donations. 

As lockdowns have made us all take a step back and slow down, climate action presents an opportunity to move forward from the pandemic and tap into this volunteering spirit again, setting our future up for success.

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Take Climate Action

Communiteer is building a new virtual community on our platform to focus on Sustainable Development Goal 13, Climate Action.

climate action environment volunteering

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

We’ll be launching the community February 2nd and recruiting until April 30th.

This is the first of many enduring, self-sustaining communities we are creating around the Sustainable Development Goals and will continue collaborating after the campaign has concluded.

How will it work?

We are introducing cause-based communities on the Communiteer platform.

climate action environment volunteering

Corporates can find meaningful and measurable ways to engage their teams in climate action.

climate action environment volunteering

Not-for-profits will access corporate networking, advocate for climate action and find value-aligned volunteers.

climate action environment volunteering

Volunteers can be inspired by storytelling, find purpose in community participation and track their impact.

This will promote environmental advocacy to bring new minds into the fold, utilise our skills and resources for not-for-profits taking action, and open communication channels to create the greatest social impact.

Rising out of the ashes of 2020 where no one was left untouched, we can band together virtually to protect our physical world.

For NFPs …

climate action environment volunteering
Joining this campaign will allow your organisation to: 

Foster beneficial relationships with corporate partners;

Access virtual events to promote your organisation to volunteers;

Collaborate with like-minded volunteers on our platform; and

Build brand awareness by telling your social impact story.


For Corporates …

climate action environment volunteering
Joining this campaign will allow your organisation to:

Access educational events on climate action;

Find your team purpose through volunteering;

Engage isolated, WFH teams in new ways of taking action; and

Align with measurable and reportable targets.


Join our Growing SDG 13 Community

Wanting to partner with this campaign?

We’re also looking for corporates interested in being brand partners on this campaign. Not only can you participate, but we can also join forces to bring more volunteers, not-for-profits and corporates to take climate action by reaching broader networks.

Only 5 positions available!

For the benefits and commitments, read our flyer below. 

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