thank you for taking climate action

Thank you for Taking Climate Action!

Communiteer started the year aiming to bring environmentally conscious people together to combat climate change and its long-lasting impacts. Thank you for Taking Climate Action with us!

Between March and May, we’ve been able to rapidly grow our climate action community on our platform. This consisted of corporates, not-for-profits and volunteers to build a self-sustaining ecosystem of social impact.

As we wrap up our current campaign, we would also like to recognise some of our participants who have pledged to Take Climate Action:

Jock Mackenzie, Earthwatch:

I think the best way to tackle climate change is through education and information. The science is clear that climate change is happening. What is needed now is the shift in community behaviour, perceptions and attitudes towards climate change. And I think the more people we can give a direct experience to in a habitat that’s both threatened by climate change and crucial to preventing it, the better we’re going to be. Each person you take out there has their social networks. They can have a conversation. You get a much broader reach, than writing a scientific publication that only the scientists read. These personal connections are what’s going to make a difference.

Dan Peyton, Habitat for Humanity:

In just a few weeks we have recruited for multiple skilled volunteer positions that we have been unable to fill elsewhere. These include a Data Analyst who has helped us dive deeper into our supporter segmentation. This resulted in an increase in donations. And a Market Researcher who has assisted with important insights that will guide our next 3-year strategy.

We’ve been very impressed with the proactivity, knowledge and passion shown by the volunteers recruited through Communiteer. We are already thinking about how else skilled volunteering can support our projects and ambitious goals.

Jenny Gu, who volunteered for Animal Aid Abroad:

My experience working with Animal Aid Abroad through Communiteer was seamless and extremely rewarding. I was able to be easily connected with an organisation with a fantastic ethos. It was great to be able to do some volunteer work. To utilise some of my professional skills while managing my regular full-time work schedule.

On behalf of the Communiteer team, thank you for pledging to take climate action with us!

We’ll continue to record the stories that come out of this community and share our progress towards climate action. Thank you for Taking Climate Action with us!

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