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V1.22 Batch 2.2 Project Updates

Implemented on 19th July, 2019

Project functionality release!

This is the second and final part of a two-part update where we overhauled our feature set around creating, editing, joining, collaborating and reporting on projects. We have released all project-related functionality to the public to be used by community admins and supporters alike. We look forward to seeing how you can use this powerful tool for social good!

New features

  • Unlocked! Community > Projects section
    • All projects that are being worked on by community admins and supporters are available here. All projects contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals of the community, which make future reporting much easier against the goals.
  • Unlocked! Dashboard page
    • All projects that you are involved in are housed here for easy access. This functionality will become more useful as you join more communities and are involved in more projects, as well as if you need to constantly refer back to a project.
  • Each project has the following sections
    • Overview” tab
      • Project title;
      • Description & impact;
      • The programs this project contributes to (shown on this project and also shown on the Program overlay);
      • Project team – the admins and contributors for this project; and
      • The list of skills needed.
    • To do” tab
      • List of tasks that this project requires completed.
      • Each task has
        • A task title;
        • Up to two skills per task;
        • A task description; and
        • Uploaded files relating to this task.
    • Discussion” tab (after joining a project)
      • A live chat discussion section for all admins and supporters who have joined the project.
    • Feedback” tab (after joining a project)
      • A form that all admins and supporters can fill out to record:
        • Time volunteered;
        • Give kudos to other project team members;
        • Any feedback for the project (admin and supporters);
        • Any feedback for other contributors (admin and supporters); and
        • Any feedback for the organisation or program (supporters only).
    • Reports” tab (Admin only)
      • Shows total hours per task;
      • Shows hours and feedback per supporter.
  • Community Admins can create projects in the Community > Projects section
    • You can start any project with a few details on the Overview tab:
      • Project Title;
      • Description and Impact; and
      • The programs this project contributes to (searchable list).
  • Community Admins can use the context menu to edit and save
    • Overview tab details
      • Project Title;
      • Description and Impact; and
      • The programs this project contributes to (searchable list).
    • Welcome Message (shown to users who join a community).
  • Community Admins can use the context menu of each individual task to edit them in the To do tab
    • Edit title, skills and description of the task (Note: Cancelling a change only cancels the changes made in the task title and description, NOT the changes made in task skills).
    • Move the task up or down to indicate priority or sequence.
    • Hide + Disable a task – Hide this task from supporters (you’ll see it with a grey background)
    • Show + Enable a task – Show this task to supporters.
    • Mark this complete/incomplete – Mark this task as completed.
  • Community Admins can close a project (and reopen it). Closing a project is the equivalent of archiving it, meaning:
    • No one outside the project can join it (until reopened);
    • No admin can edit the Overview tab (until reopened);
    • No admin or supporter can interact with tasks in the To do tab (including upload files), and no admin can edit tasks (until reopened);
    • Project team members can still type in Discussions tab to make last minute notes;
    • No admin or supporter can fill in feedback (until reopened); and
    • Admins can still view the Reports tab.


  • Updates to the Dashboard layout
  • Updates to the Community > Projects page to allow the showing of unlimited projects in order of most recently created projects


  • Fixed a bug where admins couldn’t save an edited project.
  • Fixed a bug where non-admin users couldn’t join project.
  • Fixed a bug where cancelling a project creation process wouldn’t close the overlay.
  • Fixed a bug where marking a task as complete/incomplete would rearrange the order of the tasks.
  • Fixed a bug where marking a task as complete/incomplete would remove the skills attached to that task.
  • Fixed a bug where non-admins could see the “Create Project” button on the Community > Projects page (non-admins aren’t allowed to create projects…yet!).


  • Community > Resources page
    • Files that supporters and admin want to share.
  • Admin discussion moderation
    • Hiding and unhiding messages, and notifying the original poster.
  • New content type: Discussions
    • Discussions to be shown as a new type of content tile in the Feed/Explore/Community News sections of the site.

If you have any questions about the system, feel free to reach us in the community titled  “Communiteer New Users Community” within our platform. Alternatively, you can email us at to have your queries directly addressed by one of our staff.

Written by Vincent Feng, Co-Founder of Communiteer.

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