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Join the Communiteer team with virtual events!

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To educate and engage organisations interested in online volunteering, we have created a series of FREE virtual events.

Online volunteering is a new and exciting space with the potential to create greater change in our society.

Our goal is to stir discussion around social impact, inform on the solutions available, but most importantly, to spotlight the stories of others who want to share their insights.

What’s on?

Join us for a series of interactive virtual events facilitated and hosted by Communiteer.

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For Not-For-Profits …

Connect: How to Engage Volunteers Virtually

Has your organisation successfully adapted to virtual volunteering engagement?

Is your organisation using technology to drive your mission?

Is there an easier way to connect with your volunteers?


The Communiteer Team will provide you with the resources to engage volunteers through virtual volunteering, community building and corporate engagement.

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For Corporates …

Sustainable Leadership

The impact of COVID was profound on many levels, but no more so than on the morale, motivation and resilience of Corporate Australia. Companies strained under the stresses placed on their people as their systems, processes and communications were forced to adapt and change in record times.

So what made the difference between one company merely surviving to thriving? 

Not surprisingly, the answer to this was how well they fostered positivity and morale of staff.

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