Virtually Together – May Update

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Last Month …

How incredible it is to see the community sector embrace online technology as the way forward.

After our announcement of the campaign a few weeks ago, we’ve had 70+ organisations express their interest in engaging virtual volunteers. Some of those organisations have already begun building their communities and consulting with our team to determine their most pressing needs.

We’d like to express how grateful we are to these partners, friends and supporters in sharing this campaign far and wide, extending the reach of our campaign in order to connect those who are the most isolated.

These include Good2Give, 10×10 Philanthropy, the Funding Network, The Content People, Volunteering Victoria, Volunteering ACT, and Humanity in Business.

A strong force behind this social impact will be the corporates and public sector organisations that have signed up to take part, bringing their time, resources and skilled team members to contribute.

Our founding corporate partners recognise the immense power of their resources to affect change to those charities in need of volunteers, and we are now working closely to identify new opportunities they can do remotely while working from home.

These purpose-driven organisations include Pfizer, PwC, the University of Wollongong, and the Department of Health & Humanities Victoria.

We’d like to thank these partners who have put their hands up to offer their staff the opportunity to contribute back to the community in this time of need. 

After our first month of this campaign, we’re more motivated than ever to achieve the goals we set out and help the charity sector in the ways we know how.

Focus for Next Month …

Our main focus in May and June is to engage as many charities as possible, understand their needs and co-design volunteering opportunities that changemakers can participate in safely and remotely. As we grow our community consisted of corporates, charities and changemakers, we grow our capacity to create social impact and transform how the sector can engage with volunteers.

National Volunteer Week is upon us from Monday 18th of May till Sunday the 24th. This is a time to recognise the contributions of volunteers in the community, which is more important than ever in demonstrating how individuals can create change and rally those looking to make a difference.

Check out our social media for spotlights on our team and the volunteers working with us online during this campaign.

If you would like to get in touch with the Communiteer team to see how you can get involved, please click here.

Let’s be virtually together, and build an online community connecting the most isolated.

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