Virtually Together Weekly Update 30.06.2020

Limited time to build your FREE virtual volunteering community.

Keep watching to see how 25+ others already have!


Welcome to our next weekly update for the Virtually Together campaign 🌿

So far 25 not-for-profits have built the foundations to their communities, worked with us through our complementary consultation sessions and begun sharing their scoped projects.

Most of the skills requested have been related to marketing, IT, HR or accounting, so we’ve decided to plan ahead for our July events to make sure we target these needs.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!

Our corporate volunteers have flocked to these projects, with over 50 volunteers signing up from Pfizer alone, to start using their skills for good.

We are fast approaching the collaborative stage of the campaign, and want to reinforce to any for-purpose organisations thinking about joining to campaign to get in quickly.

Whether your needs are for short-term, skilled volunteers to complete projects quickly, or a community that discusses and shares meaningful stories to spread awareness about your mission.

Thanks again for checking in!


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