Volunteering Helps Us Learn How to Give Back

Volunteering opens up a world of opportunity and a chance to learn about how we can make an impact and give back. 

At Communiteer, we value making a difference and promoting inclusion in the community. This starts with dedicating our time and effort towards causes we care about. 

“I want to do the right thing”

For Co-Founder Vincent Feng, volunteer opportunities are something he seeks out as part of an endeavour to “be as good as I can be, while encouraging others to do the same.” Part of setting an example for other members of the community involves volunteering for the University of Technology’s HELPSMates Buddy Program and Primary Ethics. This is a way for Vincent to contribute to a process of learning, by sharing knowledge with others and equipping them with skills. 

Volunteering enriches the lives of the people who benefit from the time and effort volunteers provide. As a Mentor for the HELPSMates Buddy Program, Vincent helps international students improve their English by having an informal conversation with them every week and building relationships with them. This is an outcome he is personally invested in,  “As a migrant, I know how difficult it is to acclimate to a new culture, and the learning of a local language is an important part of that process. I volunteered so that international students can grasp our local norms and values. It helps them feel more comfortable in this environment and they can yield better results from their studies.”

Vincent’s commitment to education is something that underpins his work as an Ethics Teacher for Primary Ethics, which was established to help young people explore ethical dilemmas i a secular context. This enables them to make sound decisions and through this, he helps fulfils an unmet need around the intellectual development of children and adolescents, “even kids as young as 5-6 years old are willing to discuss complex and interesting ideas when they are in an environment which makes them feel comfortable. This gives me hope for future public discourse; especially where difficult conversations need to be had around sensitive topics, which contribute to the state and direction of our democratic political process.” 

Education is a Pathway for Social Change

Being an educator forms the cornerstone of Vincent’s endeavour to mobilise people to work together to make a meaningful contribution to social issues. Education enables people to form an understanding of their place in the community and what they can do to transform their lives. The process of sharing knowledge with individuals, groups and the community is one which inspires the people responsible for facilitating the process. 

Vincent’s efforts to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education while promoting lifelong opportunities for all, have led to him to making an impact beyond his volunteer experiences. It instilled a belief in uniting his passion for volunteering with his professional development, “I wanted to find a way to use my professional skills to help purpose-driven organisations on a range of important issues.”  

His aims have come to fruition through the creation of Communiteer, which seeks to turn technology into a force for good by facilitating virtual volunteering and helping volunteers contribute to causes through our online platform. Volunteers are invited to learn about organisations and the people who they assist, by lending a hand to them when they have time. This enables volunteers embark on a journey of learning which creates lasting change in our communities, while creating a sense of ownership over the positive outcomes which are brought about through their efforts. 

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