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The Supertee Project aims to empower little heroes fighting their own battles with illness, to have the courage to win their battles.

Morgan Ferrier and one of Communiteer’s own, is a volunteer who dedicates his time towards empowering children to see themselves as little heroes for the Supertee Project. 

Morgan Ferrier, Community Development Manager at Communiteer

AR: How is volunteering for the Supertee Project different from other experiences you’ve had?

MF: This is the first volunteer experience where I’ve been involved in events, planning and organising. Most of the volunteer experiences I’ve had involved showing up, doing your part and going home. I have never had a real sense of belonging to the organisation.

AR: Why is that sense of belonging important to you?

MF: It drives the passion for project itself and the events we organise. I feel a personal connection to these two because we have shared a similar experience. I understand where they are coming from.

My sense of personal connection to it, makes it easier for me to understand their motives and why they want to grow it so quickly. We also have a love of popular culture in common.

Image supplied by The Supertee Project

AR: Can you tell me about that similar experience?

MF: I have a close family friend called Grace, who is like a sister to me. At the age of 2, she was diagnosed with leukemia and the doctors told her parents she wouldn’t live to see 6. She is now 25, so it goes to prove that they’re wrong. I saw what her parents went through and I saw a lot of it firsthand.

I’ve seen the impact it’s had on them and the drive it gave Grace to live life to the fullest, which is the Supertee Project is doing for the kids. They are giving kids the confidence the need to live life to the fullest.

AR: In turn, do you feel like you are living life to the fullest?

MF: I’ve gained a better sense of purpose when it comes to volunteering because I know what I am volunteering for. In the past, I was someone who liked to say that I was volunteering and doing my part. I’m now volunteering because I want to volunteer and make an impact.

Image supplied by Morgan Ferrier

AR:  What is something you have learnt from making an impact?  

MF: My perception of what makes a good volunteer has changed.

AR: Can you tell me about what makes a good volunteer?

MF: A person who has a personal motivation to get involved with an organisation’s goals, has the time and dedication to put as much into it as they possibly can whether they do it in their free time of the time they are not working their job.

It is also having the willingness to endure the same challenges that people in the organisation do. You have to be willing to grin and bear them.  

When you are working for an organisation, you have to make sure you don’t do or say anything that impacts on the organisation’s reputation. It is the same thing with being a volunteer, where you are part of the group and have to respect their reputation.

AR: I love that you are talking about being a good volunteer and giving your time to something you believe in. Why is it important to be a good volunteer?

MF: It gives me a steadier sense of purpose behind what I am doing. If I feel like I am part of the group and not just somebody on the sidelines, I feel more motivated to contribute my time to a cause.

Interview by Annie Renouf, Content Writer at Communiteer

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